Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mother-daughter Diva Derby

Our ward had a "Diva Derby" where each mother and daughter got to make a pinewood derby car together. There weren't any rules or weight limits. Ashley's is the pink one with the girl waving from the driver's seat. We decorated with fingernail decals and sparkly nail polish.

Here we are waiting anxiously for our car to race...

Ready. Set. GO!

Does it look like we won? Nope.

But Ashley didn't care because they had face painting,

and photo opportunities,

(this picture snuck into the middle somehow...)

they got cotton candy that is bigger than their heads,

and played a Match the Mother game. Everyone could tell this was me because Ashley looks a little bit like me. (sorry it's blurry, we don't have a scanner and I was born LONG before digital cameras were invented.)


  1. What a fun idea! I love it! That photo of you as a little girl is how I'll always think of you! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. I've loved following you a bit on facebook lately. Love ya!

  2. I guess that was how old I was when you lived in the neighborhood, huh? It's been fun to follow you and your family online, too :)