Saturday, June 4, 2011

scouts and BYU book fairs

Part of our scout group playing a game at pack night

Ethan earning his Bear

Pinning the Bear on Mom.

Think I can read this giant stack of books at the BYU MOA?

Josh was excited to meet Clifford
 We went to the BYU Book fair today. It was free and so much fun! The kids got to meet lots of famous people, win a few books and prizes, and eat some candy.
Josh was especially excited to meet Darth Vader.

Ashley was thrilled to meet Madeline!

Scooby was disappointed we didn't bring any Scooby snacks.

Ashley got a flower, Josh got a sword (which popped about two minutes later), and Ethan got a squirrel (which looked more like a dog with a long tail--and his also popped about ten minutes later).

First JDawg experience for Ashley, but Ethan's a hot dog veteran

Josh said he wouldn't eat the hot dog, but gave it 2 thumbs up.

saving some sauce for later...

Chris's favorite place to eat.

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