Monday, July 4, 2011

The Driveway of Delight...(like the stadium of fire, but much, much smaller.)

The cousins had fun hanging out at our Fourth of July extravaganza. We had it all! Sprinklers, brownies, and yes, even a crazy firework display!

 Chris is rubbing Josh's head, for luck, I think... He'll need it later when he lights the pyrotechnics (is that the right word?).

The guy in white shorts is our official fire fighter/paramedic for the Driveway of Delight. Luckily there weren't any emergencies (aside from a few skinned knees and hurt feelings, which didn't require medical attention).

Grandma and Cousin Jenny could hardly contain themselves due to excitement for the show to start

Wendy and my dad hanging out together. See how much fun they are having? Only one of many reasons we call it the Driveway of delight ;-)

If you look real close, you might be able to see some pyrotechnics. Or you might not.

 But if we put three sparklers together, you can see them!

The kids had front row seats for the big show. They were SO excited! They cheered through the entire 7 fireworks...

 You would be excited if you saw these babies, too...and if you squint just right, you just might see them :)

 Our in-house pyros did a fabulous job of lighting the fireworks and running away. It really is harder than they make it look.

We're sorry we didn't take any pictures of the Quicks while they were here, but they missed the show... Maybe in a few years we'll have another one and we'll take a few more pictures. Happy 4th of July!


  1. Your comments to the pictures are pretty funny :)) Wish we were there at the super firework party.

  2. We wish you guys were there, too :)