Sunday, August 14, 2011

big weekend

 We went to the natural history museum down the street from us, and it was nice, big, and free. 
The kids are in a small cave in this picture.

On Thursday we took a trip down to West Palm Beach to see my sister (who happened to move to FL the same week we did). While there, we all went to play at Juno Beach and I've decided that I love the Atlantic Ocean. I grew up looking at and loving the Pacific, and was fairly prejudiced towards it. But the water was so clear, and the waves were so mild, and the water was so warm (about 85*), you could actually swim in it!

Ashley and her cousin had fun splashing around together near the shore. 

 We brought our boogie board sled from home, hoping it would work in the ocean. 
The kids loved trying to ride the waves on it.

 Ethan learning to ride the teeny tiny waves.

 This is Chris and Ashley way out in the ocean. You could walk quite far without having it get too deep.

A sand castle Ashley built. 
I tried to give her more seashells, but she said it was exactly the way she wanted it to be. 

 Josh and Chris swam out there with baby sharks swimming around them. Not too comforting...

 Proof that I was at the beach, too.

 Josh had some rad moves, dude.

 I'm carrying my sister's baby on my back. 
Poor boy has such fair skin, he got a sliver of a sunburn on his leg and the next day it was all blistery :(

I don't know what Josh is doing here, but I like this picture of him. 

My sister's street has a lake that weaves through it. There are some strange looking turkey ducks walking around, and some otters that popped their heads up every now and then. 

 The kids liked seeing the Orlando temple.

My sister's family traded babysitting services with us so we could take turns going inside. It was hot and humid, but worth it!

I wish I'd taken a picture of the little frog that jumped on my leg as we drove on the freeway toward Orlando. But I was too busy jumping around and screaming. Ethan picked up the frog and tossed it out the window. I hope it survived the fall!

To top off a fun weekend, tonight we walked over to the alligator lake by our house and saw five small gators floating around near the grass. Josh tossed a stick in and one of the alligators rushed over with jaws open and snapped at it. I'm glad it was a stick and not a person!

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