Saturday, August 27, 2011

"a drinking town with a fishing problem"

  Today we went to Cedar Keys, on the Gulf of Mexico side. It was a fun little fishing town where the buildings along the pier are all on stilts and the water splashes around underneath them. The kids thought it was fun to eat ice cream in this curiosity shop while gazing out at the Gulf.

Instead of finding rocks in the parking lot, there were clam and oyster shells.
We all had to stop and admire them.

This is the extent of the "beach" at Cedar Keys. It's a small area with white sand and shells. The water gets deep quickly, but we weren't wearing swimsuits anyway and weren't planning on getting too wet.

The beach had a big playground, and we enjoyed sharing our picnic with a flock of seagulls
(and I'm not talking about the 80's hair band...).

The town had several streets of quirky shops and restaurants where you could buy fresh clam chowder or fish. This building looked so rickety.

Many of the buildings are painted in bright colors.
Josh is saying, "arrrrgh," in this picture. Ashley's saying, "Let's go home." Ethan is saying, "Cheese!"

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