Friday, August 5, 2011

pictures of The Big Move

 One of many rest stops along the way.

Ethan loved riding in the front of our truck

Ashley and Josh keeping themselves busy

See how much fun driving across the country is?

One of many side-of-the-road stops we had to do in a few short hours. Too much soda?

Community of Christ ice cream cone building

It was cool to see the St. Louis arch. Too bad we didn't stop to go up inside of it

Even Chris had fun driving for four days. That smile looks real...

Our amazing view of the Penske truck. 

For some reason our kids were obsessed with finding and staying in Super 8 motels. 
Ashley said they really were super!

Here's a giant cow at the edge of Georgia. Watch out for the flies.

Ethan stuck his head in an alligator's mouth. Now we have an extra room in our apartment ;-)

Dinner with the grandparents at Boston Market (Mmmmm....sweet potatoes and meat loaf...). They kept having Nice Fights to decide who would pay. Bruce always won :)

We've got swings right outside our apartment, and so far they want to swing all the time.

Grandma and grandpa were nice enough to let Ashley and Josh sleep in the hotel with them while we were home trying to unpack and organize things. I guess they slept sideways on the bed.

 The hotel pool where my parents generously babysat the kids while we tried to unpack.
We were so lucky to have almost all of the grandparents there!

 One of our neighbors...
 A few more neighbors...
 We've got really great neighbors...
And bats. These bat houses are right outside our apartment complex, and crowds gather every night to watch the bats fly out. so we did, too.

It was a great trip and we're so grateful to Bruce for helping us drive, and to my parents for sticking around a few extra days to help us with the kids. We love you and will miss you!


  1. Awesome move!!! Great pictures! The drive across the country is hard but you made it! :) Your neighbors are scary hopefully they don't come out on the grass... Maybe someday we'll come for a visit :)

  2. I am glad you made it safe. You are a braver woman than me, I would of turned around and head back after seeing the bat thing.

  3. the alligators are pretty scary, especially because there isn't anything between them and you! I guess I'll need to read up on alligator safety :) Carrie, as long as the bats don't come near me, I love them, because we don't have any mosquitoes around here!

  4. Great pics! Those trees look beautiful. I can already see stories brewing from the atmosphere alone! Something with your neighbors in it, they look so...hungry.

  5. What a great adventure for your family. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Nice, Angie! We'll have to see...

    And thanks Leslie, I was happy to find your blog, too. You'll have to keep us updated on your family!