Sunday, October 30, 2011

a top ten list and trunk or treat

Once upon a time (an entire decade ago!) Ethan was supposed to be born on Halloween. Bush was bypassing Congress for security's sake. Toxic chemicals were discovered around the World Trade Center ruins. Anthrax was found at State Department headquarters. It was a great time to come into the world :)

My Dr. didn't want him to have a Halloween b-day (she thought that would be a sad day to have a birthday. I thought it was kind of cool, but whatever. Just get the baby out of me, already...), so she scheduled an induction a few days early. Ethan was born at the exact time my induction appointment was supposed to begin. And we've never been the same since (in a very good way...most of the time).

Here are the top ten things we love about him:

10. He's happy to just be himself--he doesn't worry much about what others think of him.
9. He's good at being obedient and doing what is right.
8. He's sensitive, and loves to feel the spirit.
7. He's SO smart, and has a great memory for facts.
6. He's kind to everyone--even his brother and sister sometimes :)
5. He's daring when it comes to food. He'll try almost anything once.
4. He's creative, and loves to think of future inventions or other cool things he can build someday.
3. He's loving, always giving hugs to everyone.
2. He's generally cautious. I haven't had to worry about him falling off scary-high places or doing dumb things that would get him in trouble.
1. He is an all-around good person, and we're lucky to have him in our family!

For his birthday, we made him his favorite breakfast--fried eggs, toast, and mangoes.

For lunch he was excited to have pizza and orange soda.

Even though we weren't having a party, he wanted a "Lego Birthday"
so I made him a quick (and fairly sad-looking) Lego cake.

One of his grandparents sent him a Weblos shirt, and other fancy scouting accessories :)

His other grandparents gave him this Lego space shuttle to build.

For dinner, we went to the church for a Halloween party and a little trunk or treating. Ashley wanted to be a devil, so I went as an angel. Josh was a spaceman, and Ethan was a vampire (although his costume only consisted of a cape and teeth and slicked hair. He didn't want to wear a white dress shirt. I guess he was more of a contemporary vampire--but we didn't get any pictures of him)

Here's our decorated car. It was creepier in the dark.

The ward kids went around and around and around, until the adults ran out of candy.
Ethan said he only went around once, but Ashley and Josh went around twice.
Little Red Riding hood came by about ten times.

Here they are, tired, happy, and enjoying the loot while Chris helped with some after-party church-cleaning.


  1. Did he sparkle? We all know that vampires sparkle! Cute pic's. For some reason Ethan looks older, like a Weblos scout. They grow up so fast.

  2. we forgot the sparkles :) I guess there's always trick or treating tonight, so we can get it right!
    He does look like a Weblos. It surprised me...