Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last night I got an email from The Friend saying they accepted one of the stories I sent to them! It's a story (based on a true story from my life) about a little girl who has to play the piano at a recital, and is scared, but prays and everything works out :)

They didn't say when it will be published, but it's a story called Ruby's Recital. Maybe we'll see it in about 9-12 months...

Just had to share, it made me smile last night when I read that email! If any of you ever want me to write one of your kids stories to send to the friend, let me know the details--I love writing those little stories but don't have a ton of my own experiences I can think of. I don't get paid for it, but it's fun to do. According to my friend who used to work at The Friend, they are really interested in stories about boys, about kids using the values they learn (being kind, not cheating, lying, etc.), and holiday stories w/o santa and easter bunny, etc.

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