Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I needed to share some funny things Josh said:

*Today his class had a Thanksgiving meal, dressed like Indians in paper vests and headdresses. He came home excited about his costume and asked if he could wear it without a shirt underneath when he eats real Thanksgiving dinner. I said sure, and he replied, "We'll eat churkey! It will be just like being indians and ... those other guys."

*He keeps telling me all about Santa and the slaves who work for him. I asked what the slaves have to do. He said, "They work for Santa, making toys and stuff." I asked if they get presents too. Apparently Santa's a stingy task-master, because Josh said slaves never get presents, they just make them.

*Today at dinner he explained our life cycle. First people start out as babies. Then they become kids. Then they become humans. Then the human's have babies, who become kids, who become humans, then have more babies. I asked when kids become humans. Just so you know, we all become human when we turn 18. Although sometimes I still don't feel human.
As you can see, josh is not quite human here. Maybe when he turns 18...

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