Wednesday, November 2, 2011

stadium field trip

The kindergartners went to see the UF stadium early this morning.
They posed with the mascots, Albert and Alberta.

 Sat in the stadium with a bunch of real athletes. The kids thought that was pretty cool.
One guy was even an Olympian for track and field--apparently one of the fastest people in the world at the moment.

They did a few cheers!

I told you, this is Life in The Swamp...

Josh and his friend "Tuna from Churkey" (and yes, his name really is Tuna, but he's from Turkey)
 The teacher admired the Nice weight room. Did I mention that it's Nice with a capital N?

 If you touch the gator, and you're not a true fan, your hand will get bitten off.
I guess they're all true fans.
I didn't touch it, so I'm not sure if I am or not...

 This is where all the football players go to get their gear. It looked cool, so I took a picture of it :)

Doing the Gator Chomp
(you can check out the Gator Chomp here:

"It's great to be a Florida Gator!"

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