Tuesday, November 22, 2011

this tooth fairy quits

Ashley lost another tooth a few days ago. And the tooth fairy forgot to come. Again.

The first time this happened, she was really upset. But this time she didn't seem phased as she told me, "The tooth fairy didn't come."

Out of curiosity I asked, "Do you really believe a little fairy comes around collecting teeth and leaving money behind?" (Because, hey, if she doesn't believe it, let's not go through this charade!)

She rolled her eyes and said, "I know it's you mom."  (Josh was sitting there and his eyebrows flew up)

I asked, "What about the Easter Bunny? Does he really hop around leaving candy and eggs?"

"No. He's not real."

"What about Santa?"

Very seriously, she said, "Yes. Santa is real."

Then she said I could just give her the money instead of waiting for the night to come around again, since last time I forgot to wake up. So I gave her a hand full of change and we called it good.

Josh said he wanted to take his turn being the tooth fairy next time someone looses a tooth, so I guess I'm off the hook :)


  1. We've hit the same point. And when I told my son about Santa, he was shocked for a second, then told me, "I'm gonna stay up till midnight on Christmas Eve night, and tell him he's not real!" Then he met Santa the next day at a store and told me and everyone in line that I was wrong and he was right.

  2. Nate lost a molar at the orthodontist. The tooth fairy (who was very sick) forgot to see him 3 times. Then the tooth fairy left a note.

    Dear Pitiful Child,
    I'm sorry I didn't make it to your house the last three nights. Alas, I have been sick. And yes, magical creatures get sick in case you were wondering. For future reference, never share Halloween candy with the Easter Bunny. He is one sick rabbit. Cough. Cough.
    The Tooth Fairy.
    PS I'd sanitize after handling this money.

    He enjoyed the note more than the money.

  3. Kim, that's funny!
    And Angie, that's the best tooth fairy note I've ever read! Awesome :)