Thursday, December 15, 2011

a few fun pictures

Chris's sister and her family came to visit over Thanksgiving break, she sent these pictures because I forgot my camera.

We went to the lake, and there were at least a dozen little alligators laying around in the sun, making her kids nervous. But we had fun digging in the sand despite the gators.

 I can't believe we actually have a picture of our entire family! It's rare, so I love when when it happens. Too bad we weren't dressed for a family picture -- imagine us wearing fancy clothes and consider this our Christmas card to you :)

Ashley's laying next to a sand man I made. He's a little creepy, and the kids couldn't wait to step on him.

This is Ashley's sandman. He started out as a woman, then became more like Hagrid.

 It was fun to hang out with family for a few days. Thanks for visiting us!

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