Monday, January 23, 2012

primary temple activity

Our ward had a primary activity at the temple last weekend.
I forgot my camera, but managed to steal a few pictures from a friend. Thanks Michelle!

Here are four beautiful things in life: muffins, friends, dressed-up kids, and temple grounds.

This is most of our primary. Nice and small. And mostly well-behaved!

After sitting relatively still for at least a thousand pictures, the kids were ready to see the grounds.

The temple president took them on an outside tour, and told them the prophet wanted every child to touch the temple. The girls touched the wall right outside the bride's room, then the boys took a turn, too.

Afterwards, the kids all said that was their favorite part. It gave them a warm feeling.
The president gave each of them a card with the Orlando Temple on the outside, and they traced their hand on the inside, then wrote the date. It was a special day.

We appreciate the primary presidency, who made it happen! 

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