Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ashley's fancy dinner

 We asked Ashley where she wanted to eat to celebrate her baptism. She didn't even have to think about it.
The Waffle House. We tried to talk her into something else, but she had her heart set on it.
 This is why: The first time we went there, a man gave our kids quarters for the jukebox.
Now it's their favorite place to eat because they get to pick their own songs.
Ashley always picks The Beach Boy's "Surfer Girl"
And this time Josh picked The Waffle House Theme Song. I couldn't find it, but it's as cheesy as these other waffle house songs: (check out the steak song)

 The food was fine, but the best part was watching the kids bob their heads to the music that other people (namely a hairy biker dude) played on the jukebox. Fun times.

 Before the Waffle House, we took my parents to the lake.
It was chilly, but there were still bikini-clad girls trying to get tan.
 The lake was crowded (Which you can't see in this picture. Once the shade came, the people left)
and we didn't get a boat. But the kids didn't mind.
They could play in the sand for hours.

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