Thursday, March 15, 2012

Butterfly Farm

Today I went with Josh's class to a butterfly farm.
 The Lepidopterist (aka Mad Butterfly Scientist) transformed himself into a butterfly right before our eyes, as he explained what each part of the butterfly does.
Did you know butterflies are born with their tongue split down the middle? They have to take their little arms and push the tongue together. If they do it wrong, they'll die.

 We got to plant a milk weed that will attract butterflies to our garden.

 But I don't need to attract one, I have a giant butterfly of my very own!

 We found a tree with a cool cave formed into it.

 And we got to feed the butterflies with a liquid-sweetened sponge brush. Josh didn't like this room, with all the butterflies flitting too close to him. He couldn't wait to get out of there!

Did you know if you have something you really need to tell someone who has died, you can whisper it to a butterfly and it will fly up to heaven and tell them. Only people in heaven can understand butterflies.
I learned lots of new things on this field trip!

 This is what the kids decided to do while they waited for everyone to finish feeding the butterflies. They tried to make themselves look like a giant butterfly by holding hands.

 We went on a tractor ride to see the citrus and pecan groves. The fruit smelled amazing!

 After lunch, the kids sorted their trash into recycle and compost bins and then searched through compost to find bugs and worms.

I had to include this picture because the wall of flowers made me happy :)

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