Friday, March 16, 2012

scary clouds and belated birthday pictures

 I stole these pictures from a friend's facebook page. This storm was swirling above our city two days ago, right before the constant thunder and lightning and wind and hail broke loose! Seeing these pictures made me want to pack up and move. Good thing I went to the butterfly farm the next day to remind myself of how much I like to live in The Swamp...

And on a less-frightening note...
 Chris reminded me that I never posted pictures of Ashley's birthday. It was pretty low-key. As you can see, they'd all just showered and were ready for bed by the time Chris came home from school and we could have her party.
 Her favorite present was her fancy-shmancy scriptures. She's been excited for them all year, and Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to send them, since we forgot to buy some! Ashley even read the little card that came with the set about how to take care of the leather and paper.

 And who can resist cute girly Lego's? Everyone had the same idea, and got her some of these new Lego sets, but none of us bought the same package, so she has a nearly-complete collection, now.

And this had nothing to do with birthdays or storms. This is Grandpa, wearing Ashley's "hundreds day" hat, to celebrate the hundredth day of school.
He looked so good in it, he took it home so he could wear it to work every day...I'll bet his boss appreciated that.

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