Friday, April 6, 2012

baby josh is growing up

For Josh's 6th birthday, he wanted "Good Luck Charms" for breakfast. And peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. And scrambled eggs for dinner. He's an easy boy to please!

He also discovered a loose tooth for his birthday, which he wasn't happy about -- even though he feels bad he's one of the last kids in his kindergarten class to lose a tooth. He walked around in a stunned trance after I told him his tooth was pretty wiggly. I think he's a little scared of the pain and the blood he's heard so much about from his older siblings.

Despite the loose tooth, he loved his Lego Party! We celebrated his bday at lunch (while enjoying his PB sandwich du'jour), and the kids spent the afternoon building all of his cool new sets.

Here's a video he made to celebrate his own life. Some of the pictures he chose were a little random, and some of his special effects are a little odd, but it's fun to remember how cute he was as a baby.

And looking at so many sweet pictures of those kissable cheeks makes me forget the hard terrible one's and two's and three's he may or may not have put us through...

The sound is pretty bad on this video for some reason, but it's his favorite song, so it gets to stay.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Josh!!! I cannot believe he's 6 years old! I remember coming to your hospital room when you had him and holding him. Loved the video!! Good job, Josh, the video man!