Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Fling

The village held its annual spring fling today, so we went to check it out. They had face painting, carnival games, bounce houses, and food. So much fun!

Ashley and Annie bouncing in a princess castle.

Josh, Zane, and Ethan bouncing in a sponge bob castle.

Who knew Ethan had such a great throwing arm? Too bad the guy didn't drop, even though he hit the target. Look at how the guy is nervously watching the ball hit the target...

Ashley's ball hit the target, then got stuck behind the red circle. The lady told her to come hit the target with her hand, so she got to make the guy drop into the pool.

Josh is blowing a whistle while being teeter-tottered around in this soundless video.

Annie, Ashley, and Sierra showing off their pretty faces.

Bean bag toss.

The most amazing balloon guy I've ever seen! And of course, my boys just wanted swords.

Josh wanted to put on his full pirate garb when he came home.

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  1. Love Josh the Pirate!!! this festival sure looks fun! My kids love going to fairs and festivals! Good thing we're back in the US for a while and will go to plenty of things like that.