Friday, May 11, 2012

The Adventures of Lewis and Clark

 The 4th graders put on a Lewis and Clark musical, and I had to slice up one of Ethan's t-shirts to make a Native American vest. Then we added puffy paint zigzags. The sleeve fit over his head, so we trimmed it and used it as his headdress. He thought it was so cool, he even wore the other sleeve on his head for about two days straight.

During the entire week leading up to the play, Ethan walked around the house singing songs about being a Poor Wayfarin' Stranger, and how this is our land. He was pretty into the message of the song, as you can see above :)

At the end of the play, we all clapped, then the 4th graders sat down and fell asleep on stage (Ethan has his head on his long white legs in the middle row at the far right.). It was all a dream.
Or were Lewis and Clark and the Indians really here, singing to us from the past....
It's still a mystery to me.

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