Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Before we moved to The Swamp, we had to sell more than half of our belongings. Knowing we were moving to Tourist Country, and that we'd want to see a few things while we lived here, the money we made from that massive yard sale was put aside for future theme-park use.

While Brett's family was here, we decided to put that money to good use and go with them to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

 We took a ferry ride over a lake to get to the park's entrance. I think you can see the princess castle by Brandon's ear in the picture below.
The cousins were excited to hang out together in such a cool place!

 The first ride they all wanted to go on was Space Mountain. Josh had never been on a roller coaster before, and it never occurred to any of us that it probably wasn't the best ride to take him on first thing in the morning, for his very first time riding a roller coaster.
You can't see it very well in this picture, but Josh covered his eyes the entire time. Poor kid. When he got off he said, "That was the worst day of my life." He talked about how much he didn't like it the entire day.

To make him feel happier about Disney World, we went on the nice slow, totally unscary Buzz Lightyear ride, where we got to shoot at targets. He loved it!
But according to this picture, I was a bit confused about what I was supposed to be doing. Or maybe it was the flashing lights making me look like that. Or maybe I just always look like that. It's hard to say...

Then the kids got trapped in a cage with Zerg. Ashley had to save them with her super-strong muscles.

When they met Buzz, Josh was so excited. He said, "I love you to infinity and beyond!" Buzz did his space arm thing, but I didn't catch it on this little video.

When I saw this picture, I thought it was tipped. It took me a minute to realize THEY were tipped. I guess that's how pre-teens make a carousel ride fun.

Josh is a dancer. He can't help it. When he hears music, he has to dance. He got down to the dumbo music while we were waiting in line. Ashley didn't want to join in.

The shortest wait was surprisingly for Pirates. We went on it several times. Josh was a bit nervous, but loved it enough to go again. We decided to become pirates after seeing how much fun it was to be one.

Chris didn't like being thrown into the briar patch...
but the boys in the front of our log did. They got all wet and wanted to do it again. Too bad the line was always too long.
 Josh didn't like Splash Mountain. When we stepped out of the boat he said (loudly and with much conviction) to the people in line, "Do. Not. Get. In. That. Boat! Do. Not. Get. In. That. Boat!"

It was so hot, we had to buy an iced lemonade after dinner. Ethan and Josh had a hard time finding a place where they could both drink at the same time. They finally compromised and ended up on the ground.

The kids cooled off by getting spit on by some tikki heads and also a giant camel. Nice way to end the day.

We didn't stay too late, we hopped on the monorail about 8pm, but you can see everyone but Josh was worn out. He was planning out which rides he'll go on next time.

By the time we reached the car, everyone was ready to sleep. Our GPS took us on back roads instead of the freeway, and we became a little nervous, not knowing where we were, or where we were going. It took us through a city, where we were supposed to get on the freeway, but the on ramp was blocked by fire trucks and police. So we drove for a while until the GPS could figure out that we weren't going to make a U-turn, and gave us a new way to get to the freeway.

The kids had school in the morning, and it was hard to wake up, but we all agreed it was worth it. We're glad Brett's family came, and that we had the "fun money" put away to join them at the Magic Kingdom!

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  1. how fun!!! love your face at the buzz lightyear ride! :)
    awww... Disneyworld is a magical place! I hope we go there again some day.