Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

I wanted to get a picture of Ashley and Josh and their Mother's Day gifts to me, but it's been a busy week, and I forgot. But before I forget again, I wanted to show you what they gave me.
 Josh's teacher made a silhouette of him, cut it out and laminated it. It's cute, and she did a great job!

 Ashley's been taking sewing lessons from a lady who I'm pretty sure is an angel in disguise as a mortal. And Ashley loves every minute of it. She embroidered this hand towel for me, and spent many, many hours working on it at her teacher's house. She was excited to tell me the name of each stitch and knot.
 She even embroidered her name and age, but for some reason I couldn't get a clear picture of it.
She also hemmed the edges on the sewing machine with a little help from her teacher. It's so pretty, I'm a little scared to use it and get it all dirty!

It was a great day, and I felt so loved and appreciated. Chris made my favorite Greek 7-layer dip, and Ethan gave me love notes. Josh made a bracelet with the letters of his name, but he liked it so much he decided to keep it until after Mother's Day, so he could wear it for a while. :) Later that day, he put a bag of trinkets on my bed with a broken car, a scrap of paper from school, and a seashell. He said I couldn't keep the bag, though. He wanted it back because it had Spider Man on it. He knows the way to a ladies heart...

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  1. Ashley did such a great job on that towel!!! Amazing for an 8 year old! :)

    And you are a lucky lady to get all these presents from the kiddos :)