Monday, July 2, 2012

D.C. Temple Trip

 Cute cousins. They look like they could be sisters!
The kids all had so much fun seeing each other again after 3 years apart.

 (Ashley sewed her orange and blue skirt!)
 Emma and Alyssa speak Russian and English, and when we stepped into the temple visitor's center, the recording at the Christus was in Russian. It was amazing to see these little girls switch so easily between the two languages.
 The kids wanted to touch the temple.

 I love this picture of Bruce and Dasha's girls!

 Another sweet shot with Mary.

 After the temple, we went to a huge park. Ethan immediately climbed to the top of the rainbow and got stuck. His hands were too sweaty to climb down. Chris had to rescue him off of a rainbow.

 Ethan was a little tall for the maze, since he could see where he was going. But it was just the right size for Josh.
 Swinging and spinning fast on a tire swing isn't really my thing, but apparently it was great!
At the end of the day, the girls had a slumber party. Which only lasted a few hours. Ashley scared Emma and Alyssa away, because they all ended up in their parent's room. And Ashley had the bed all to herself. She's a smart girl!

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