Monday, July 2, 2012

Washington D.C. Mall

Bruce and Mary were nice enough to take a quick run through the mall with us. We were in such a hurry, we didn't get to see the constitution, but Mary reminded me that on "National Treasure", Mr. Nicholas Cage replaced the original with a copy anyway. So we didn't worry about it anymore.
 We spent the most time in the Air and Space Museum. So many cool things to see and do.
 We got to go inside a space workshop and see the astronaut's cramped quarters.
The kids' favorite part was when we let each of them spend their own money in the gift shop. Ethan and Josh bought Mars Mud slime stuff, and Ashley got a mood necklace in the shape of a moon and star.

We moved on to the Natural History Museum, where we checked out the mummies and the Hope Diamond. Ashley really wanted to become a mummy some day, and have a cute little mummy baby. At least that's what Chris kept saying. She'd been so excited to see a real mummy, but was grossed out when she saw it was a real, dead body.

 We saw Dorothy's ruby's slippers, and the Mormon Sun Stone. The kids were pretty touched when they saw the real, original, beat up Star Spangled Banner.

 By the time we reached the Washington Monument, Everyone was tired of walking. Unfortunately the entire mall was under construction. The peaceful reflecting pool had tractors driving around in it, tearing everything up. We decided to skip seeing the White House, but we had to keep walking because you can't go to D.C. without seeing the giant Lincoln.

I'm not sure what this little brick courtyard is for, but it was on the side lawn of the capitol building. It was beautiful, and we were able to wash melted Popsicle off our hands.

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