Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A big Weblos and a little move

 Ethan earned his Weblos badge last month. Since we don't have many scouts, we did most of it "home school" because he really wanted to have it. The boys on the front row? That's about how many scouts we have, give or take a few.
 Even though we got rid of 2/3rds of our possessions before moving here, we still have WAY too much stuff. This is what I discovered as I had to pack it all up again. I remembered fondly the days in college when I could fit everything I owned into my car. Those days are long gone. But according to billy joel, "the good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow's not as bad as it seems."

 The kids showing off their old, packed up rooms.

 Ethan was a great guard when we had to leave our things outside for a while as the men dumped the bigger furniture in our new apartment (half a mile away). We ended up with a truck that was just a little too small for our mountain of stuff.

Here's their new room on the first day, as the kids unpacked and tried to figure out where to put all their belongings. Luckily the room is really big and there was space for everything.

We're finally unpacked and it (almost) feels like home.

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  1. So why did you guys move? And i am so jealous you already unpacked everything! Shame on me, we've been here for almost three months and i still have stray boxes all over the house. It drives me crazy, but it seems i just can't find a good place to put it all. Ugh. Come unpack for me, please? :)