Saturday, November 17, 2012

a highly educational field trip for a mom...

The third grade went on a field trip to a local teaching zoo and planetarium. I went as a chaperon to hang out with Ashley. We went to the planetarium first, and I tried to take a video of the cool things we saw on the ceiling (including falling planets and a roller coaster ride!), but it was too dark.

Then we headed over to the zoo. It's not the kind of zoo that has elephants, and one boy in my group whined the whole time, "But where are the elephants? Where are the lions?"

 Instead we got to see a kookaburra.
I'm not sure if it's sitting in an old gum tree, but it was fun to see anyway.

Colorful peacocks wandered around freely, but never fluffed up their feathers for us.

The orangutans were extremely active. Maybe they had to keep moving to keep warm.
You know, because 63* is so cold to those of us living in the Swamp.

But the most educational thing I saw during the field trip was this:
 It's blurry, but this boy spent the entire field trip taking pictures of Ashley.
And I'm not exaggerating. He took about 799.9 million pictures of her.

 And this boy put his arm around her and tried to hold her hand the entire time. You can see the paparazzi boy in the red hoodie checking out the other boy putting his arm around her.

 The boy in the black shirt teased the boy in the blue shirt about his crush on Ashley and how he was always trying to make her laugh. The boy in blue didn't deny it.

As I said, it was educational for me.
Luckily she's not flirting back much in return.
Thank goodness for the tomboyish part of this princess's personality!


  1. Wow, Gaylene. Better keep your eye on that girl; one day she will start flirting back and then it's all over! So funny that the boys weren't shy about their "affections" even with you there. Definitely an educational fieldtrip!

  2. I know! I've been surprised this year about how many boys have told her they love her this year. I assumed boys this age thought girls had cooties. Whenever I ask if she has a crush on any of them, too, and she just wrinkles her nose and looks at me like I'm crazy. Hopefully she'll stay that way through high school :)

  3. How cute! I mean, REALLY?! Tell Chris to be ready for the interviewing them all before they proclaim their love to her. At least that's what we're going to be doing. I guess. :) But Ashley is a beautiful girl so this much attention from all the boys is to be expected. :)