Thursday, November 1, 2012

a shoe box parade

 The third grade does a fun thing at our school. The kids are assigned an adventure book to read, then they create a shoe box float that shows a scene from the story. They dress up like a character and put on a parade for the school.

 Ashley loved preparing for the parade, and talked about it for weeks. The school did an amazing job of making a book report fun. They had a Dixie jazz band there to play while the kids marched around in some pretty great costumes.

Josh had fun checking out all of the floats and costumes as they came by his classroom.
 Ashley read a Kit Kittredge American Girl book about some hobos who went to jail.


It was a really cold day here in the Swamp, and the kids said their fingers were numb by the time they went back inside. But Ashley said it was worth it, the parade was so much fun.

Here's a few minutes of the parade. I recorded Josh at the end, after Ashley had passed, because it was funny watching him watch the parade.

Try to ignore my annoying voice, and the fact that I called it a "soap box" parade instead of a shoe box parade. Ashley asked if I could do a voice over to change it, but I'm technically challenged in that way, so it will remain "soap box" forever...

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  1. That is awesome! Ashley looks so proud of herself and her little float with hobos. :)))