Monday, November 5, 2012

Frusins: (noun) cousins who are also friends

Some of our Frusins came to town last week, and ended up with two timeshare apartments in Orlando.
They were generous enough to let us stay in one of them for a few days over the weekend.
The kids loved hanging out with Jeremy again, and meeting baby Maggie.
Our Swamp pool is too cold now, so it's been a few weeks since we've been swimming.
Luckily, these ones were heated.

 After we had our fill of swimming for the evening, we headed over to the clubhouse, where we played in an indoor playground and arcade. Ethan and Ashley couldn't get enough of baby Maggie.
The kids loved riding on a virtual roller coaster,
even though sometimes their expressions were more afraid than amused.
They begged to go back again the next day.

It's rare where we're actually all in a picture together. Too bad we all have swim hair.
But chlorine tangles aside, you can see it was a beautiful night!

The next day we headed over to Jeremy's pool, which had two water slides and no lines to wait in.
Ethan and Josh took full advantage of their water slide time.

Just being lazy in the lazy river.

We crossed the parking lot to another Marriott resort that had an even cooler huge lazy river.
The kids felt like they were floating through the jungle.
Josh didn't like being spit on by the cougar.

This pool wasn't heated, and we only went around twice because it was too cold.
Josh was shivering and I had to hold him most of the way.

Our resort offered a swim-in movie and s'mores around a fire later that night,
but we were pretty tired from swimming all day.
The kids decided to take a relaxing bubble bath in the double-seated jetted tub.

When we weren't swimming, we played in the playground,

did a little shuffle boarding,

tossed beanbags, played ping pong,
and watched the Disney channel on an outdoor TV while eating popcorn.

 But they would have been happy to play games on the ipad all day.

 The vacation wore Chris out. Now he needs a vacation from his vacation.

 When we were hanging out in the apartment with the patio doors open, the music and pool noises floated up in the warm breeze. The kids kept saying it felt like a tropical vacation.
Which is kind of funny since we live here in the "tropics"

But it was a tropical vacation we never would have had if our Frusins didn't share their trip with us.

Thank you for the fun weekend!
See you again in a year and a half... 

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  1. How awesome! I am glad you go to go on a vacation and got to see Suzy and Roga with the kiddos! The place where you stayed looks very nice!