Thursday, November 1, 2012

some trunks and some treating

last night our ward had a trunk or treat party. Josh was a mad scientist, and Ashley was an angel.
We had grilled hotdogs, veggies and chips.
The men were in charge of the food sign up sheet. Everyone signed up for chips.
But not everyone told their wives to buy chips. Ours was the only bag. 

These guys dressed up like missionaries. Oh, wait, those are real missionaries eating with us.
But they did dress up -- see the orange ties?

 Ashley's best church friends. We love those Kostansek girls!

 We didn't do much to the back of our car. Last year we had all of our spooky halloween decorations set up, but with our recent move, it felt like too much work. So we just used our spooky glow-in-the-dark balloons instead.

 The annual eating of the donut on a string.
One of the YW leaders and I also participated in this contest. Thankfully I didn't get a picture of it... since it was probably the scariest thing that happened all night.

 I look like I'm pregnant with this cat, but I'm not. I'm a cat burglar. That's a cat I stole from Ashley's room.

 My YW were in charge of the cookie decorating area. The kids love being in charge of how much frosting and how many sprinkles they get to put on their cookies. And of course, the first kid who sat down to decorate his cookie coughed all over the bowl of frosting. Then coughed all over it again.

Having kids cough on your junk food makes it easy to not want to eat it.

 Fishing for treats. (And as you can see in this picture, Ashley stole her cat back from the cat burglar.)

 Josh found another mad scientist/stake patriarch to hang out with.
I'm not sure who had skull surgery during the party, but it looks like the scientists did a great job.

 Before it was time for the cows to come home,
we rounded up our herd to get a picture in the insane assylum.
Josh is mixing up an invisible potion.
Ethan's saying, "Moo" instead of cheese, even though cows can rightly say "cheese" since it's a dairy product.
Ashley's looking angelic, as always.

It was a fun night and we bagged a ton of loot to munch on for days to come.
But we let someone else take the coughed-on cookies home...because we're nice like that.

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