Friday, November 9, 2012

two gator parades down, one to go

This is the second year we've attended the university's homecoming parade. It's a pretty big deal here. About a hundred-thousand people show up to watch, and the kids even get a day off from school.

 We're wearing our blue and orange camouflage so we blend right in. You probably can't even see us.

 Roto Rooter has a classy float.

 I hope this isn't a real dead gator playing football on this float.

 I think our coach might have a big head after winning so many games this season.

 Even the gator-soldiers got into the festivities.
I didn't know they let big green alligators serve in the military, but apparently they do.

 For how much the gators love their football team, I was surprised they were all stuffed into a dump truck.
Maybe those are the disposable bench warmers.

 It's always fun to see Albert and Alberta waving at you from a convertible.

 McGruff is one tough dude. He rode around in this Homeland Security vehicle.

 Even though the kids were excited for the parade, we still had a bit of this going on, when someone didn't get a closer seat due to the fact that we showed up right before the parade started.

Next year will be our last gator homecoming parade. maybe we'll act like crazy gator fans and show up early enough to have a cushy seat in the shade where we can see all the action and maybe get the candy and coupons that are only tossed to 100,000 people on the front row.

It's great to be a Florida Gator!

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