Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a cub scout cake

The same night we had YW in Excellence, the scouts had a cake-decorating contest. We were supposed to bring a cake that Ethan decorated himself, with a scout theme.

Being the creative kid he is, he wanted something unique. So he eventually decided to make scouts hike up a mountain. It was pretty cool.

 I like how these guys seem to be having a hard time deciding how to get up the last portion of the really big mountain (which happens to look a lot like Darth Vader's helmet).

Here's the award winning recipe (Ethan won the Most Popular Cake award), if you ever want to make your own cub-scout-hiking-up-a-mountain cake (or a Darth Vader helmet, I guess...)

*a box of spice cake mix
*a small can of pumpkin
*dark chocolate frosting
*crushed oreos

Mix the cake mix and pumpkin together until there aren't any lumps. Put a little of the mix in a Corelle cereal bowl (or one that can go in the oven), and the rest in a round casserole dish. Cook at 350* until a butter knife comes out clean. It was about a half hour for the small cake, and over an hour for the larger cake.

Cool, then arrange your layers however you want them. Then frost the cake and sprinkle cookie crumbs all over the cake, making sure to press them down so they don't cause a rock slide later. Don't forget to add your Lego scouts.

Cut, eat, enjoy! Just make sure to not swallow any Lego scouts while you're at it. I hear they are a choking hazard.

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