Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving part 3 -- aka The Beastly Beach

After checking out the sea turtles, we went to a nearby beach to play. 
Unfortunately the flag was red, warning us that the waves were dangerous. So we decided to hang out on the rocks and sand, and not get too wet.

 This picture makes it look like a gray, cloudy day. But as you can see in the other pictures, it was sunny with blue skies all around. But lots of wind and mist and waves crashed into the rocks.

After a while, the waves crept farther onto the skinny beach. And they crashed higher. Without warning, one giant wave splashed over the rocks and nearly washed away our chairs and beach things and my sister's 4-yr old! We packed up and ran off the beach. Even though it was low tide, the water was already covering the first few steps to get off the beach.

It traumatized the kids. They were scared about almost being washed away. So we ate lunch and played on the playground on the other side of the hill, by the beach parking lot until they dried off and calmed down a little.

This is the note we found later...
So I guess that was our last beach trip ever.

But think about the memories we made -- our kids will always say, "remember that Thanksgiving when we got sucked into the ocean by a rogue wave?" And we'll all chuckle and nod.
Good times!

Thanks for letting us visit you, Merryberry googenheimer.
It was a great Thanksgiving, despite nearly losing our beach chairs, sand toys, and Benjamin...

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