Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On a lighter note...

Here are a few random funny things from last week:

Ashley's teacher asked that the kids try to make their own valentines and cards this year. We happened to have a bunch of half-used books of Mad Libs, so this was what Ashley gave to her class friends on Valentines Day. A rolled up Mad Libs  sheet with a note that said something like, "You have MAD skills!" or this one, "I can't LIB without you." Lots of kids didn't know what Mad Libs were, so when she explained how to play, she got lots of giggles. :)

 We were playing with our camera and I wondered what the fireworks setting would do. It turned Josh into a ghost. This is what we'd look like if we were a living version of Katy Perry's Song {firework}.

And here is a note Josh taped on his door. "Mom is silly all the time. Ashley and Josh and Ethan are silly. Dad is silly. Vote. Which do you like." And just in case you're wondering, yes, in the bottom drawing of chris, he's sticking his tongue out. We're a pretty silly family :)

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