Friday, March 8, 2013

a big snake and a little boy

Yesterday I went on a field trip with Josh.
I arrived at the museum early enough I got to enjoy the peaceful morning and beautiful scenery for a while. 
This is the music I listened to as I waited:
 The bus showed up, and off we went in a herd of first graders to check out the Titanaboa.
Josh said he was nervous to see such a big snake. Until he remembered it lived 60 million years ago.
Josh's favorite part of the day was looking at the huge sculpture of the Titanoboa.
My favorite part of the day was every time he held my hand.

My second favorite part of the day was when the docent explained to the kids why The Swamp doesn't have any dinosaur bones, like the T-Rex. All of our fossils have to do with the ocean, since we were once part of the ocean floor.

The docent said she saw real dinosaur bones in Utah once (she was wearing a t-shirt to prove it). All the kids looked at Josh, fully impressed because they all know that's where he's from.

A little boy turned to me and asked if Josh ever got to see a live dinosaur in Utah.
I said, "Nope, they were all dead by the time Josh was born."
Then he asked if I've ever seen one.
Why, yes. Yes I have.

 The museum has a room of quotes that are all lit up. This one goes out to my mountain man, Chris.
When the tour was over, the first graders gathered near the frog wall to eat lunch. Unfortunately, Josh told his teacher I was bringing a lunch for him, even though I'd signed a paper stating that he was going to get a school sack lunch. So he didn't have anything to eat.

His teacher suggested I sign him out right then and there and take him home, since the field trip was over. So it was a date. We held hands and walked home and enjoyed each other's company for a few hours before everyone else got home.

I sure love this little guy.

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