Tuesday, March 19, 2013

can you dig it?

On Saturday we went to the Natural History Museum for an event all about the earth.
We studied sand from around the world, and looked at it under a microscope.
Chris pointed out the Mt. Fuji "sand" to me, because...ah, Natsukashii.

We made a topographical map out of sand and a cool sensory projector.
They made mountains, then made it rain, and then created an ocean.
This scientific tool (and accompanying sand box) is now on my Christmas wish list.

We made an earthquake by jumping on the floor and watching the seismograph go crazy.
We also made an earthquake by shaking a slinky. 
We poked a cake with a fat straw to see layers of earth, we made water more acidic by blowing bubbles, we made tectonic plates shift on an Oreo, and we were given pieces of dinosaur bones and teeth, sparkly rocks, and even a few real gems.

Now I know exactly what to do next time my kids have to enter a science fair. I love this museum.

And, P.S., if you're curious, I don't have a black eye like the Dr. promised I would. So far. Right now it's just puffy and swollen and gross :)

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