Monday, March 18, 2013

eye surgery fun

This morning I went in to get a chalazion looked at, and hopefully removed.
It has been hanging around since October, and even though it doesn't bother me or get in the way too often, it's kind of embarrassing having a huge lump making the bags under my eyes look even baggier.
 My optometrist brother told me I should see an ophthalmologist about it, so I made an appointment. They couldn't see me for over a month, and I crossed my fingers that it would go away on its own. I really don't like going to the doctor. A lot.

But my appointment came, and the chalazion was still there. The doctor said it probably wouldn't go away on its own, it was pretty solid. So he offered to do some minor surgery. I'd read up on this before hand, and knew what to expect, so I said, "Yes, yes! A thousand times yes." Because I really wanted that annoying lump on my eye to be gone.
And this minor surgery? It hurt. A lot. They basically had to give me a shot in my eye lid to numb it, then flip my lid inside out, then give me another shot. The ungraceful doctor then scraped and cut and picked until my mass was supposedly gone. And he chatted the whole time like I wasn't there. Even though he was causing me quite a bit of pain and trauma.

Then they finished up, said goodbye, and left me to walk to the check out desk alone. I nearly fainted, I think my body was in a bit of shock. I looked like a zombie walking out of the office and out the building and down the street to the parking garage to wait 40 minutes for Chris to finish up his class and drive me home.
Now I get to have a sore black eye for a few weeks, and hope that the doctor really did know what he was doing. If the lump is still there, then so be it. Vanity can take a back seat. Next time someone offers to perform minor surgery on my eye, I'll say, "Look, is that Elvis?" and then I'll run the other way.

And by the way, it's really hard to type and use my hands with one eye. No depth perception at all. I admire all my one-eyed friends out there who can actually get things done every day. Sheesh, I am such a wimp...


  1. Do you have a lot of one-eyed friends out there, Gaylene? :)) you are funny! But i hope your eye heals quickly and nicely and doesn't cause you much trouble any more!

  2. So many. And they are all very talented :)

  3. I like your "Look! Is that Elvis!" trick. I'm supprised the doc didn't just do a steroid injection rather than digging it out! Yikes, sorry to make you go through that!!!!

    1. You didn't make me do anything! I was happy to get it removed. Until it actually happened. :P