Tuesday, March 26, 2013

lame-o coughs, crazy costumes, and grocery carts

So I've had a cough that mostly comes around at night when I'm trying to sleep. Which makes it really hard to wake up in the morning. But yesterday (the first day of the kids' spring break!) I peeled myself out of bed, showered and dragged us over to the village's spring break costume party.

 Ashley always has pink lips, but the lighting here makes them look super pink! Maybe it was the juice she just finished drinking. 
 Ethan was a Hawaiian cow. He wants you to eat more chicken and get milk.

Too bad space man josh's picture was all blurry. Oh well. he's still cute.

Then we had to go shopping because (of this darned cough) we didn't have much food, such as bread and fruits. Since I had my camera, I decided to let you all come shopping with us.
 Everyone else took their costumes off, except Josh. At least he left his helmet in the car. And look how Ethan is drooling over the candy (which we never buy).

 Publix had BOGO on cereal, so the kids were excited to read the back of the scooby cereal (which we never buy).

I'm not sure what Josh is pondering about here, but it is probably something deep and meaningful, and not about the candy (which is right next to him)...


  1. Publix is our store of choice. And that is the same bread we buy! Kids say it's closest to Grandma Sycamore bread from home.

    1. aww...I miss Grandma Sycamore. The bread just doesn't cut it out here in the swamp.