Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Ethan is a Funny Guy

A few weeks ago, Ethan wrote a script. Kids versus Witch. He sat for hours scribbling it out in a notebook. Then he sat even longer pounding it out on the computer. Then he took it to school and held auditions.

That's right. He walked around at recess and asked if anyone wanted to audition for his play. And who would have thought? A dozen kids wanted to participate. Several girls even auditioned for the part of the witch. It went to the girl with the best witch voice.

Ethan cast himself as the main character, Ian. But he let someone else be the director. Now Ethan carries a big black script binder to school every day, so his cast can practice at recess. He wondered if he might be able to put the play on for the entire school. I told him it wasn't likely, but that he should ask his teacher if they could put the play on for the class someday.

If he does, I hope he invites me!

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