Monday, April 15, 2013

activity night at the church

 Last weekend our youth group decided to go watch one of the boys perform in School House Rock Live at his high school. I took Ashley, since she's a huge fan. But...we still had to trek over to the church during the week for Ethan's scouting and Ashley's achievement day activities.
 This is what Josh did in the young women room while we waited an hour and a half for the other kids to finish what they were doing.

 The cute achievement day girls and their amazing, amazing leader. Did I mention that she's amazing? She is.

 This is what I did while Josh built a fort and the kids did their church and scout thing and I didn't have a young women group to lead. Whenever I play a real piano, I remember again how my keyboard is like playing a plastic recorder compared to a real flute. There's no comparison (unless you're our bishop's wife, then you can rock the plastic recorder so much that people actually ask you to play it in public).

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