Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh my gosh, I love Josh!

Poor Josh had a rough start to his birthday morning. I heard someone breathing next to my head at six in the morning. It was our one day to sleep in, so I ignored it and hoped whoever it was would go back to bed.
Then I heard, "When is it time to wake up?" "When do we get to wake up, mom?"

I rolled over and said, "Seriously? You woke me up to ask when it's time to wake up? Go back to bed!"
I heard him scamper away. But then he opened and closed a few doors. Over and over and over again. And he wandered around the house.

When I finally got out of bed, I told him to sit in the corner. He sometimes (almost all the time) has a hard time remembering that he not only wakes US up when he bumps and thumps around early in the morning, but also the neighbors all around us.

I walked into the kitchen to start making breakfast, and then it hit me: It's Josh's birthday. That's why he wanted to wake up early. I felt like the worst mom ever. Why couldn't that voice that says, "It's Josh's birthday," come when he first woke me up, so I could hug him and kiss him and sit with him until everyone else wakes up?
So I went and hugged him and asked if he woke me up early because he was excited it was his birthday. He nodded at me though broken-hearted tears. Luckily he's easy to please. He asked for oatmeal for breakfast and was so happy when that's what he got.

Then we headed over to the village Spring Fling (more pictures to come). It's like a really small carnival with no rides and no clowns. There were bounce houses and games, food and prizes, a balloon-art guy and a caricature lady who drew Josh's picture.

When we did all there was to do at the Spring Fling, we headed home to watch General Conference.
This is how excited Josh was that he had to sit through conference all afternoon on his birthday. He kept saying, "Is it almost done yet?" Poor guy.

But he did get his favorite pancakes for dinner {recipe here}, so I guess his day wasn't that bad.

 This was his favorite present. He loves Shel Silverstein. And Mo Willems. And Eric Carle. I never met a first grader who actually knew the names of his favorite authors. Especially one who doesn't love to read a whole lot. But he is passionate about Shel's funny poems. We've worn a (figurative) hole in our other poem books, so I was relieved to find Every Thing On It at Target. We've never read it before.

 I've wanted to try out an ice cream sandwich cake {recipe here} for several years now, but always forget about it. So I asked if this was something he was interested in and he got all excited. (the picture below just shows the inside slice). And here's a warning to any parents out there: eating syrupy pancakes and then eating birthday cake right after is never a good idea.
Totally disgusting sweetness x 2 = sugar shock and possibly a sugar induced coma. so gross.

So even though it started out rough, and he also had to sit through conference, he had a pretty good day. I sure do love my funny little seven-year-old and am glad he's in our family to make us laugh every day. Although I do miss kissing these baby cheeks...they're sweeter than any ice cream cake.


  1. Ha! This was a funny post! I am feeling better now that I almost forgot Katelyn's birthday this year too :) Oh, us moms, we can hardly remember our own names :)

    And Happy Birthday, Joshy-Yoshi!

    1. Seriously. Plus, it's got to be no fun being the baby of the family. He gets the most hugs and kisses, but he also gets forgotten.