Friday, April 12, 2013

Our daughter, the wax museum statue

Ashley's class did a wax museum project where they each were assigned a book about a historical figure, then they wrote a script, came up with a costume and prop, and pretended they were wax statues in a museum. Visitors pushed a button to make the statue come to life for a moment to tell us their life story.
 Ashley was Pocahontas. Doesn't she look historical?
She had to hold this pose until someone pushed her button.

At one point while Chris and I were wandering around pushing buttons and meeting historical celebrities like Walt Disney and Daniel Boone (even Barack Obama took an hour off to be there and pretend to be made of wax -- mighty generous of him!), the teacher yelled, "Freeze. Everyone go into melt down." And at the same time, the kids all sank down to the floor and the buzzing voices around the room went silent. It was pretty cool.

Here's a video of Ashley's research on Pocahontas. It's kind of hard to hear because of all the other voices in the background, but her parents couldn't be prouder of her wax museum statue accomplishments.

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