Tuesday, April 16, 2013

over the swamp and through the jungle...

(don't ask me why I like to take pictures of bugs...I don't even like them!)

The other day we went on a "hike." Moving from the Rocky Mountains to this flat swampy non-mountainous area, it seemed funny to us when people said they went hiking on the nearby trails. But Chris woke up and said to the kids, "Who wants to go on a hike?" And, of course, it made me laugh that he -- the passionate backpacker -- used the "h" word here in The Swamp.

 The woods stop abruptly and turn into a prairie. This grassy strip goes goes on for quite a while, out to a wooden lookout point where we sat and chatted with a bird photographer for a while.
 I love that Josh still holds my hand and wants to be near me all the time. The other kids do, too, sometimes, but not as often. I just want him to stay this little...

You can't really see the murky green water behind them very well, but this is Ethan's I'm a hungry alligator coming out of the swamp to get you face.

If you want to see us being the weirdos we really are, feel free to watch this shaky video. Just be warned. There's singing. And dancing. And Chris rolling his eyes at us. So watch at your own peril.


  1. Gaylene, amazing pictures! Especially of that bug. Hard to believe that it's all taken by the point and shoot camera. And the video of course is hilarious! Especially Ethan's head bobbing dance in the beginning :)))

  2. Thanks Dasha! It's surprising what a P&S can do these days.
    It was pretty funny when they were younger, whenever that song used to come on, I'd turn around and see all of their heads swaying crazily to the beat. I guess the camera made them shy. Or they became "too-cool" pre-teens...

  3. Hi Gaylene -
    I just popped over from your link on my blog - you have a darling family! And I LOVE your writing on your other blog (couldn't figure out how to comment there) - loved the feet-under-the-table picture and the hilarious dinner recipe :-).