Wednesday, April 17, 2013

seeing the beauty of Every Day

I saw this video over on the site Seeing the Everyday, and had to share. I wish I had a-day-in-the-life-of videos like this for all of my kids when they were babies. Time flies so fast, and looking at the "mundane" life of this mom is beautiful, and I miss it a little bit, even though I'm glad it's over.

Now I have to remind myself to see the loveliness of the pre-teen world we're now living in. Because it's pretty wonderful most of the time. We have so much fun together. The terrible twos are gone. The kids know how to study and are good at school. They have meaningful conversations with us (even if sometimes we forget to find the meaningfulness in those conversations...). They still love to hang out with us. They still want to snuggle a little now and then.

Since our baby years are behind us, I need someone to make a video of my kids and I enjoying a typical day in these Wonder Years, and again when they reach the Hormone Years, so we'll remember the beauty of those everydays too.

It's good for us to stop and appreciate what we have while we still have it, and not look back longingly -- or with regret -- once it is over. Our Once upon a Time is now. Even though it's not always easy to enjoy the stages our kids are in, we might as well enjoy our family, and appreciate each other as our story unfolds together!

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