Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some facts about Chris on his birthday

Chris used to have a thing for hats. He wore them all the time when he was a kid. Indiana Jones hats, news boys hats. They were kind of his thing. It's a shame he grew out of that, he'd look mysterious in a fedora or pork pie hat.
Not only is Chris so cute (look at those big brown eyes!), he's smart and funny and hard working. And even though he wielded a cub scout pocket knife at his parents when he was little, he eventually developed the most even temper of anyone I've ever met.
The most beautiful thing about Chris is his strong testimony, and how his faith and conviction keeps me strong every single day. Whenever my spirit starts to feel muddled, he knows exactly what I need to hear to remember why we're here and where we're going.
 He's a good parent. He takes time to hang out with the kids and have fun, but also to teach them how to make good choices.
See? he's teaching the kids good things all the time...

 Something you might not know about Chris? He had Vanilla Ice hair at his high school prom. You'll have to ask him if he danced like Vanilla, too.

 His heart is in the mountains. He loves the beach, but living here in The Swamp has been a sacrifice because his passion is wearing a backpack and going places most people don't go, high enough to see the world spread out beneath him.

Chris has a great ability to laugh at the world and not take things too seriously. Even on his mission (as you can see in this picture). Even when life gets hard. And when I complain about us getting old? He says, "Hey, you only get to be old once, lets enjoy it!"

Happy Birthday, Chris! Enjoy the experience of being another year older :)

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