Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a(n) historical field trip with architectural jewels

Ashley's class checked out a few historical sites around town.
First stop was an old hotel that used to also be someone's home.
The kids admired some beautiful architecture and saw what life was like a hundred years ago.
This used to be a library. There are interior windows and doors on every wall to let the breeze in during the summer because (collective 3rd grade gasp of horror) air conditioning hadn't been invented yet!
These are shirt collars (which men wore separately from their shirts in the olden days), along with a bow tie and a sleeve elastic, were all laid out on a couch for the boys to wear.
Beaded necklaces, fans, and fancy purses waited for the girls.
The docent had the boys and girls dress up and pose for pictures on a grand staircase.
As you can see, the docent took her job seriously and dressed the part, fancy hat and all.

The kids were also surprised that people didn't have spell checker back in the days of yore.
Literally, they all gasped when the docent told them how this typewriter works.
Also, how cool is it that the classic novel The Yearling was written in our area!
Now...I guess I should actually read it.

 We ate a picnic lunch while this fountain's face looked on.
Then we took a walking tour of some of the historical homes in the neighborhood and had a treasure hunt for some of the architectural jewels. 
 Here's my little tour group. This boy tried to hold Ashley's hand the entire time. It was a different boy than the one that tried to hold her hand last time.

Oh, and this is the house from the tour she wants to live in:
Tres Colore'

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