Wednesday, May 29, 2013

annual choir pool party

On Memorial Day, our church choir got together to celebrate our school year together. Because most people travel in the summer, we only sing nine months of the year, and Sunday was our last time until school starts again in the fall. So we partied the way Mormons do at a pool party -- lots of laughing and talking and good food, and of course, swimming!

 Ashley begged to be thrown in over and over and over again. The sweet Brimley siblings were so nice to keep smiling and doing it over and over and over again. They were probably sore the next day.

 Ashley had a chicken fight with a boy named Bennett. Ashley is part tomboy, part princess. It's funny to watch her be so competitive and girlie at the same time. If you're curious who won, let's just say, boys rule, girls drool.
 Ethan tried being thrown in a few times, but didn't enjoy it as much as Ashley. After being thrown smack on his belly, he cried and cried, until Robyn Brimley told him to rub suncreen on his sore tummy. It was a sunscreen miracle! Suddenly the pain was gone. Oh, wonderful placebo effect...
Josh was pretty much in love with the diving board. We don't have one on our pool, so he made the most of his time with it. I'm not sure why he's jumping on Brother Bennion here, but I think he was teaching Josh some rad moves. Later that night, Josh gushed about how good Brother Bennion is on the diving board.

It was a fabulous night with food, friends, and fun. Thank you Self family for letting us use your pool!

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