Friday, May 17, 2013

curriculum fair

After we ate a delicious dinner at the international food festival, we got to walk around everyone's class rooms to see what they've been working on all year.

Ashley's teacher made a slide show of all the projects they worked on this year. She was worried we would miss it, and dragged us into the classroom right on time for us to watch all 15 minutes of the movie.
 Ashley and a few of her friends, waiting for their chance to sing with their grade on the outdoor stage. It's quite the crowd gathered on the lawn.
 Ethan and Josh had a "string light saber" war on the lawn while Ashley sang. They also did it when they were supposed to be singing. For some reason, both of them refused to go on stage. Luckily none of the teachers seemed to notice.
 Ethan drew all of these pictures hanging on his language arts classroom door. It was a time line of Lewis & Clark's adventures.
 Ethan and his friend Nevan had to draw pictures of each other. Nevan thought Ethan looked kind of blue, I guess, and Ethan thought Nevan looked a little pink.
 Oh, look! How exciting, a table full of homework you can do over the summer! I noticed my kids, and lots of Chinese parents, seemed to be overly excited about grabbing up the worksheets and flashcards...
 Josh, outside his classroom, eagerly clutching his summer homework.

 In front of the beautiful school. We're lucky our kids get to go there again next year, even though we are no longer zoned for it. It's a wonderful place.

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