Monday, May 13, 2013

love bugs and lovely ashley

 It's love bug season here in The Swamp. This is what our car looked like after driving to Orlando last weekend. Apparently a love bug's blood is so acidic that if you don't wash them off quickly, it will eat your paint.

I love to see the temple...through love bug guts.

 Suzy's family was in town again, and once again, they were nice enough to let us come stay over night in the resort room with them. My kids love hanging around cousins so much, and Ashley loved to pretend to have a little sister for a while.

We took so many pictures that I decided to divide them up by person. So today is Ashley's pictures from our fun weekend trip. Poor girl got stuck with the gross love bug pictures. But she's cute enough that hopefully you'll forget you ever saw those smashed bugs.
 The resort had lots of games and dancing around the pool. She did this musical hula hoop game, the limbo, and she even danced like a zombie in the pool.

This video loses its sound after a minute or two, so I'll have to try to redo it later and replace it. But the zombie dancing is still pretty funny, so I thought I'd share it anyway.

She was amazed by the tall girl who was able to limbo so low. So much suspense!

These are the tokens she got for playing the pool side games. She needed 10 tokens for a wooden beaded bracelet and she only had 6. The guy in the recreation center said there was a deal for one time only, and he traded her the 6 tokens for the bracelet. She was pretty excited about the deal.

 It was a nice change of scenery, and we appreciate Suzy and Roger for letting us hang out, feeding us delicious food (including salmon and an amazing cake), and having a good time!

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  1. First of all - ewwwww, the bugs are disgusting!
    Second - Ashley is such a cute girl, as usual. I always look at the pictures and when I read about her I wish my girls were like her. Maybe we need to send all our girls to you. :)
    Third - i am sooo jealous! I loved Orlando last time we were there and want to go there again. And seeing Suzy and Roger is great too!