Friday, May 17, 2013

take a walk with us

Last night Chris needed the car for a church meeting, so we walked the 2 miles home from the curriculum fair at the elementary school. It was the kind of night you wish was every night. Here's what we saw on our way home:
 Albert and Alberta, just hanging out, looking tough on the street corner.

an "old school" bus

 bat houses, but no bats yet.
lots and lots and lots of delicious smelling flowers the entire walk home. Aside from the occasional sewer smell and almost constant traffic smells, the air in The Swamp is so sweet.
and this amazing little lake we get to pass every day.
It looks enchanted in the early morning, with fog or mist rising up around the spanish moss covered trees.
It looks refreshing in the hot, humid afternoons, when skies are perfect blue.
It looks romantic in the evening, when the sun is setting and the sky is pink.
It always has baby gators, shiny fish, and big turtles swimming around.
And you can always find beautiful birds looking for a meal.

This has to be one of the best walks home ever created.

And just in case you're getting overly jealous of our semi-charmed kind of life, we also get to come home to our neighbor's strong garlic and fish smells all. night. long... So much so that our bathroom towels always, always smell like garlic (and this morning, fish! Yay!). Still jealous?

I guess there's a cloud attached to every silver lining ;-)

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  1. well, since I don't have smell-a-vision built into my computer, I just think the entire evening looks enchanting ...