Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What should be a normal day (an also an update on life)

We never know what kind of weather we'll get each afternoon. One day feels like summer, the next day, the pool is too cold, or it's too rainy outside. But I'm afraid this rack of wet swimsuits and towels will probably clog up our hallway until the pool closes again in October.

On to other news:
*Ashley won an honorable mention in a Veterans for Peace poetry competition. She is supposed to read her poem at a special dinner in a few weeks, and will be published in their book of poems. The school read her poem on the morning news, which made her happy, and she gets a certificate and some kind of prize. We won't be attending the dinner, though, because our Frusins are coming to visit!! So excited :)

*Chris was appointed to some student advisory council here at the university (sorry, Chris, I can't remember your official title.). He gets to work with the dean to make life better for all students who want world peace, or a good university experience, or something like that. He doesn't think he really has to do anything in the position, and when I asked why they chose him (aside from the fact that he's brilliant and witty and handsome...), he said they needed a minority. Heehee. So they chose a white male in the sea of foreign women. I guess it will look good on a resume. Or as smart people say, it will look good on a Curriculum Vitae (you have to say it with a fancy accent).

*It's official: we're selling our house. Chris's sister and her family were so great to live there as long as they did. The housing market wasn't the best for selling 2 years ago, and now it seems to have picked up. And keeping the house gave us hope that we could go back there when we're finished with school. But we didn't want to risk having non-family renters who might not pay rent for months at a time and might destroy our house. It's happened to too many people we know in the last few years, and we can't afford that. So we still plan on going back to the mountains when we're finished, but we'll just have to find another place to live.

*We "played" tennis last weekend. I use the term lightly because it was more like we chased tennis balls last weekend. I forgot my camera (I also forgot it on Josh's field trip to see horses), but it was such a fun thing to do as a family. Ashley and Ethan liked it so much they said they hoped we could do it every Saturday morning. Chris was surprised to learn that I am passionate about tennis, even though I'm bad at it. He said he's never really heard me mention it before. But it's because we played once when we were first married. He didn't love playing with me (because, as I said, I'm bad at it), so we never played again. But every time I pass a tennis court, I want to play. And back in our old house, I thought of taking lessons, then remembered I had a husband who was super busy with church and work, and I had three little kids at home. So I put it off, waiting for the day I could learn to play tennis with my kids, too. Yay! The day is finally here.

*Ethan is now learning about human reproduction at school, so we get to hear about it all the time. If you know Ethan, you know that he can only think of one thing at a time. So this is what we'll get for a few weeks. I guess it won't be such a mystery to Ashley and Josh...

*Oh yeah, and also our kids got into the schools we hoped for. We aren't zoned for the schools we wanted, but the zoning exemptions all came through. Now if only Ethan's acceptance to the accelerated program came through we'd be all set for fall.

And that's the end of April. Welcome, May. So excited you're here!

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