Monday, June 24, 2013

a backwards party

There are several traits or talents Ashley has developed over the years that she didn't inherit from me. She loves to do crafts and scrapbook, she is competitive and enjoys sports. And she loves to host parties.

She planned a backwards party for our family recently, and got most of her ideas from the American Girl Magazine.

First she said good bye and thanked us for coming. Then she handed out party favors she made for us (glittery signs with our names on them). Our last game was Pin the Head on the Hair, and she made a face and hair for each of us, then cut them out and taped them on the wall. While blindfolded, we had to take our face and try to pin it onto our hair. There was a backwards costume party, and a backwards story contest. Chris's story won:

"Before the man's alarm went off, he got into bed and put on his suit and tie. He stood there until midnight when he was wide awake. He got out of his bed, messed up the covers and threw the pillows on the ground. He put on a hat and coat and walked down the stairs. He rolled around in the grass to get dirty. He came back up stairs, put on his pajamas and went to sleep just as the sun rose."

She also had a backwards freeze dance, where we only danced when the music stopped. Backward limbo (how high can you go?) was a hit, as well as the backward running race.

Then she welcomed us to the party and it was over. No treats.

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